Every issue we have to narrow down some of the best skate photos from across Canada and this issue was no exception! Take a scroll down and enjoy the gallery section from our Exposé in issue 20.1 !

Lee Yankou leaves his mark – Hardflip Wallride
Photo: James Morley
Michael Ray coming in hot to melt whats left of winter -BS Overcrook
Photo: Sam Fidlin

Joey Larock Kick Flip 5050 into the future
Photo: Nathan Ethier-Myette
All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog. Dylan Kuhn Gap to BS Smith Grind
Photo: Jake Juhasz
Go ahead. Give him a pound, do it! Leon Chapdelaine avoiding needles on Georgia street
Photo: Gordon Nicholas
Stairs are for old people- Keiran Zimmerman – Wallie Nollie
Photo: James Morley
Cody Beaudry avoids the crevasse of doom with a calculated BS 5-0
Photo: Nathan Stripp
Dylan Campbell checks for empties while Gap to FS Nosesliding this dumpster
Photo: Ty James
Is this Hugo Baleks prototype Zero board? Chief? Wallie into sand paper
Photo: Nathan Ethier-Myette
Sometimes you get a lungful of rusty dust to get your fix – Aimee Garrett gets both
Photo: Dan Mathieu