Joe Buffalo is a Canadian legend in skateboarding. His raw street power and ability to hit every obstacle in his path really shines light on to the video parts that inspired and shaped him into the skater he is today. Take a look into this time capsule of videos and you’ll understand why Joe skates the way he does!

Frankie Hill “Ban This” 1989
This dude was jumping on some serious shit back them, a tru street pioneer

Sean Shelley “A Soldiers Story” 1991
Such a raw powerhouse back then man. He had wicked pop and shredded hard!

Ricky Oyola “Eastern Exposure 3” 1996
When I moved to Ottawa in 93′ it wasn’t long before I got heavily influenced by Ricky. I definitely rode like 5 of his boards back to back. EE3 was my shit then for sure

John Cardiel “Anti Hero Fucktards” 1997
One of the gnarliest all terrains ever! ALL HAIL CARDIEL!

Daan Van Der Linden
Anything from Daan Van Der Linden. Next level euro ATV