Skatanic Disciples 2

Let us know a little about the Skatanic Disciples?

We’re a skate crew from Ontario, mostly Niagara Region, but a few other boys are sprinkled around. Heavy music, good times and crusty spots is what you can expect. 

I see you guys refer to yourselves as a cult.  What does someone have to do to join up?

It’s a joke I started and the Electric Wizard sound bite from the intro to the first video insinuated that were a cult as well so it’s just a funny edge that I play around with. I’d say Ethan and I are the only ones who really joke about it. 

Who are some of the heavy hitters coming from the Niagara area these days?

Branden Hodgson, Ethan Scott,  and Kyle Porter have been killing it lately. Branden and Ethan had last parts in the first video. Everyone in the crew rips. 

There seems to be a common theme of really heavy music in your first video. Can we expect the same from the new one?

I would love to make it heavier. In a perfect world the whole video would be to Slayer but skate politics and vastly different music tastes in the skate scene don’t allow it. I have a pretty solid and rounded soundtrack lined up for the new video. I’m trying to have a war theme in the music considering the title I chose. 

Will you be keeping the “vx1000 footage only”  dream alive in this new video or are you finally gonna go HD?

I wish I could have afforded a VX1000, it was $300 more than my VX2100. I was hungry for a whole year of college because of the money I spent on the cam, lens, transportation and tapes already. It’s 95% VX, sometimes I don’t have someone to film me so I set up a DSLR on 640×480 mode and try it. If I ever had to do HD again it would still be 4:3, too much wasted space in 16:9 skate videos. 

Anything else we should know ?

The video is called “At war with Skatan”. You can keep up with the crew on Instagram. @skatanic_disciples I’ll have some gnarly shirts getting printed soon so stay tuned. h

Photo’s by Zachary Deacon

interview by Jesse Landen

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