Layne Caplette Interview from Issue 19.2

This is Layne Caplette’s interview from our Late Summer 2018 Issue.

Interview by Tyler Holm – Photos by Sam Fidlin

Nollie Backside 180


T: What are we drinking right now?

L: These are the Northwest IPA Red Trucks. Local Vancouver goods, 6.3%. Not bad for an IPA.

Introduce Yourself

Layne Caplette, I live in Burnaby BC, I’m a skateboarding father of one. Full time plumber, and part time lover. That’s about it.

Congrats on becoming a father. What’s your daughters name? How old is she? And what’s her stance?

It’s Luna Violet Caplette, she’s just over 15 months. And I don’t know, I’ve never done the “push them and see what foot they step back on” test. Should we find out?

You want to try it right now?

Yeah let’s do it. Alright baby, here we go. (Pushes baby)

Oh shit she just fell on her ass! 

I swear I’ve done this before. Let’s try again. (Pushes her again) She went right foot! One more, she went left foot! Best out of three. Aw she went right!

So that’s goofy that means?

I guess it all depends right.

There’s no logic to this test.

I think she’s goofy footed.

Nollie Frontside Crook

Do you think Luna will skate when she’s older and who will she ride for?

I can see her wanting to skate for sure. Could be a bonding thing between us. I can hope for that but defiantly don’t want to push her to skate. She’s an active monkey right now so I can see her wanting to skate. She’s always climbing shit, it’s just a matter of time before she wants to go to the skatepark with dad. Sponsors? Hopefully one that pays. Hahaha

So Nike then?

Ya. I’d like to see her ride for éS (;

Ok lets get into it, 20 stair. Would you rather pop down the set? Or grind the rail?

Depends what the rails like. If it’s a steep rail, not happening. I think Id go with the set. Rather pop down that. I feel tricks would happen quicker that way.

If someone offered you $1,000,000 to land a switch tre first try or a switch big heel first try, what would you try?

Switch big heel for sure. I wish I could switch tre better. But million bucks on the line I’m going switch big heel.

You think you’d land it?

I think I’d have too. Depends on the ground. If it was nice smooth warehouse ground, I’d power through it. But if its asphalt might be down a million.

Nollie Inward Heelflip

Any family vacation plans?

If we went somewhere soon, it’d probably be Newfoundland or something like that. Go see Tanissa’s side of the family and see how they live on the east coast. Maybe a trip down the coast would be sick. Every time I’ve gone to Cali it’s been hwy 5, so it’d be rad to go down the coast. For sure Luna would enjoy that, she loves the beach.

If you had to defend yourself, what would be your weapon of choice?

Probably like an AK. Just unload. Hand weapon, I think a Samurai Sword. You’d be quick. It’d be more of a legitimate kill. Maybe a hand grenade.

Who’s your favourite skateboarder? And what trick can you do that they couldn’t do?

Probably Reynolds, and within Canada Wade Desarmo. I’m pretty sure they’ve done everything.  So ya, no tricks I can do they can’t.

Did you prefer Sorry or Really Sorry and why?

I’m going to say Sorry for Appleyard.

Ya but in my opinion Appleyards part in Really Sorry was even better.

Ya true, Ok Really Sorry then.

Switch Kickflip

What do you prefer, Ace Ventura Pet Detective? Or Ace Ventura When Nature Calls?

Definitely When Nature Calls. The scene where he’s coming out of the Rhino’s ass. hahaha. That will stick with me forever.

Who do you think would win in an Arm Wrestler? Sluggo or Weckingball?

I’m a go with Sluggo, easily.

Is it because he’s local? And you don’t want to run into him?

Just old man strength, dad strength.

Switch Backside Smithgrind

Walk me through you first kickflip

Oh my god. A good homie I grew up skating with in grade 5 had kick flips . I had sex changes. I learned to sex change before I could kick flip. I don’t remember my first kick flip. I remember my first nollie flip though. I’ll never forget that one. It was on my moms street in grade 6. I just remember screaming so loudly, “Fuck ya!” Being so hyped. I’ll never forget.

What’s your drink of choice?

Easy, if you know me, you know I’ve got mad love for a ceaser. I’m a ceaser guy. Usually if I’’m out for lunch or dinner, first thing I’ll order is a ceaser.

Tell me about your job?

I work for Pitt meadows Plumbing. It’s Vancouver based, they treat me well. Good group of guys.

I know your filming a video part, walk me through every trick you’ve filmed so far..

L: Hahahaha, I love these sarcastic questions. I’ve been filming… filming for your video. hahaha. It’s been good though. Still need some more clips but happy with what I have so far. Hopefully this injury will let off and we can enjoy the rest of the summer. End of the summer is hammer time.

If you could go on a skate trip to any destination tomorrow, where would you go, and name 5 people you’d bring. 

L: I’d go to France with some of the Fort Mac Homies. Jesse Loutitt, Brandon Hoult, Jordan Bacon, JP and maybe bring you.