Jackalope Mississauga — July 12-14


The JACKALOPE Festival has developed a reputation for hosting the most spectacular skateboard competitions. Renowned competitors will collide at the VERT Open Competition, which will see skaters launch themselves off a 4.1 meters (13.5-foot) high ramp. Watch as athletes like Mitchie Brusco (a 14-time medalist at the X Games), Rony Gomes from Brazil, Mia K and Collin Graham from Virginia perform stunningly.

The Street Open Competition promises to be another incredible display of world-class skateboarding: the likes of Ben PatersonJake IlardiManny Santiago and Jake Wooten, will be joined by the amazing para-athlete Kanya Sesser. All the participants will be judged by the renowned Canadian skater TJ Rogers.

FLATLAND FREESTYLE SKATEBOARDING DEMOS: Andy Anderson is known in the skateboarding world for his unique skateboarding style and extensive arsenal of technical tricks. He performs Flatland Freestyle Skateboarding, Anderson remains one of the top athletes in the creative and storied discipline of mixing dance with skateboarding.

Confirmed Athletes:

Vert: Gui Khury, Rony Gomes, Jeromy Green, Ema Kawakami, Beaver Fleming, Jordyn Barratt, Derek Scott, Mia Kretzer, Mitchie Brusco, Collin Graham, JD Sanchez, Lady Meek, Joey Yarbrough, Jada Ward

Street: Manny Santiago, Micky Papa, Mike Piwowar, Kanya Sesser, Jake Ilardi, Kylie Frank, Nanami Onishi, Jayden Bono, Zander Gabriel, Jake Wooten, Julian Jeang-Agliardi, Ben Paterson, Jon Consentino, Orapan Tongkong, Seren Long, Morgan DT, Kenji Leon Jordan, Cody French