Last weekend Dillon Moore hit me up and asked if I was free to go visit Hill Sulpher in Windsor and since Detroit is just across the water, we’d make it there too on Sunday. I had been talking about visiting Hill for a while and really wanted to shoot with Dillon so on the hottest day of the summer so far, we all packed up in Neil’s car and headed for Windsor. Which is about 48 beers away from Oshawa.

by Dan Mathieu

The crew consisted of, from Right to Left:
Hill Sulpher and his 2 dogs, Chico and Jake, Adrian Czuba, filmer Neil Seward, Dillon Moore, Austin Feegrade and myself.
Hill was so excited to have us over, he couldn’t sleep so he woke us all up at 7:30 and by 9 am, he had landed this crooked grind and we were on our way to our second spot of the day. It got so hot in the afternoon, we were actually glad we got some skating done that early!

Adrian, ollie

Austin, fastplant
Thanks for having us Hill!
Dillon, kickflip 50-50, Dillon killed all weekend and except to see more photos form this trip in the mag!

All photos by Dan Mathieu