Thinking back to my first time seeing someone skate a handrail, it may have been the scariest thing ever at the time! Rails were never something I personally took interest in but the dedication and commitment to someone skating handrails is incomparable to anything else. Skaters put their bodies at risk jumping down bigger and bigger rails every day. And theres a fine line between success and failure when it comes down to it. Some come out victorious, and others feel the wrath of the hard pavement at the bottom of the stairs. 

Heres 10 of my favourite handrail photos from the past 10 years shooting – Sam Fidlin @samfidlinphoto

Ethan Kilgour – Frontside 5-0, 2009

TJ Rogers – Switch Boardslide, 2010

Charles Deschamps – Bigspin Backside Boardslide, 2011

Byron Ready – Switch 5050, 2012

Ryan Gosselin – Lipslide Fakie, 2013

Ben Paterson – Kickflip Frontside Boardslide, 2014

Colin Findlater – Frontside 5050, 2015

Michael Ray – Backside 5-0, 2016

Kyler Hale – Frontside 5050, 2017

Drew Summersides – Frontside Smith, 2018

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