As skaters we have this burning desire to go fast. Whether its boming down a hill, carving the local bowl, or grabbing onto your friends motorcycle and holding on for dear life as he tows you toward a spot. There is no better feeling than going fast! And in many cases, we tend to come across spots that are ALMOST skate able, but that extra bit of speed is needed to make it all come together

That was the case this day.We found ourselves at this old bank over fence spot. Up hill run, crusty ground. Not the most ideal conditions to say the least. But we were determined to make it work. So one phone call and a single days worth of insurance later, AJ McCallister hopped on his bike and was on his way to meet us.

AJ McCallister switching Mike Schulze

Now if you’ve switched a motorcycle before, you know theres a few challenges to overcome. Finding the best possible place to hold onto, the high chance of speed wobble, letting go at the right time. Its a complete trust system between both people involved. And if you aren’t on the same page you could either end up overshooting your jump or face planting into the pavement.

Lucky for us the stars aligned that day and things were executed perfectly on all ends with no hiccups. Success! So heres to all the daredevils and speed freaks out there who put there bodies on the line for that extra bit of speed and live to tell the tale!

Mike Schulze – BS 180 to the street

Photos and Words by Sam Fidlin @samfidlin