Lee has been a household name in skateboarding for quite some time now. Always pushing himself and the limits of his skating. Whether he’s grinding the tallest ledge in town or riding down the wall of your local 14 stair like Spiderman. Lee knows whats up when it comes to cool trick selection and spots choices. Take a look and see where Lee gets his skate inspiration from by watching his Top 5 favourite video parts! 

Arto Saari – Flip Sorry

The song in a part really helps set the vibe and I think is a crucial factor to a good video part. The two bowl songs used in this part got me into David Bowie. This is the perfect part in my opinion, great style, good trick selection and super gnarly. Sorry could come out today and still be impressive

Jason Dill – Skate More

I might like the skating more in Dills Photosynthesis part but I love this Case McCombs song. Having Gino BS 360 guest trick is always a great idea. Also love the kits in this part.

Antwuan Dixon – Baker 3

I still remember the first time I saw this part at Commonground Skatepark. It blew my mind how relaxed Antwuans style was while doings inanely gnarly tricks. Such an insane introduction to his skating.

Adrian Williams – Think Business as Usual

Kinda biased here. My first memory of Adrian is skating together at a West 49 contest when I was like 15, and had no business being in the contest. He told me not to be scared to take my runs and snake people if I couldnt get a run in. Super nice guy! We skated together a lot filming for this vid and Adrian has lots of heart and would battle the techies tricks till he got it perfect. Shout out to John Rob Moore and the A Happy Medium dudes for the song inspiration!

Tom Penny / Mark Gonzales 

I love watching the @cultoftom Instagram. Rare clips will pop up and he has the most insane smooth style. It doesn’t make sense how loose he is while being in total control. Old pros will also share stories in the comments

I also love watching old Gonz clips on youtube. Just him cruising around or making a custom board gets me really hyped. Theres a video of him talking to non skaters who are interviewing him and he is so awkward but speaks very artistically about skateboarding. I also like his hill bombing technique of just dropping his back foot to stop