The Skateboard Ranch

Seb Petit is one of the guys behind Project 45 in Montreal and he recently started a pretty crazy adventure: he is gonna build a skateboard ranch!

Here is Seb in his own words:

“I have been dreaming of owning a piece of land to build a Skaters Paradise for a long time and now the biggest step, finding and buying the best spot is done! After many years of volunteer work a Projet 45, i will now put my acquired skills to the development of the Skateboard Ranch, some kind of Skateboarding retreat where one can get away from the city and the plague of the razor scooter in their local park. Like any DIY endeavour, The whole project will take some time to take shape but with a lot of hard work and help from my friends, I’m pretty sure this is the beginning of something unique.”


Seb has released his first 2 videos on his youtube channel and I think it is gonna be really interesting to follow him on his journey to building his dream.

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