“It was a frigid winters eve, and 2 best friends were sitting at the local saloon drinking beer out of a cowboy boot as is tradition in Calgary Alberta, when they saw a commercial on the local television advertising cheap flights to Taiwan. “Where the fuck is Taiwan?” asked Ryan Spate, an under educated corn farmer from Taber, Alberta. Wes Fleming, a dickies wearing and hard working plumber from Cochrane replied “I think its somewhere in Africa.” The drunken bafoons looked outside at the horse carriages struggling to pull their moonshine carts through the piles of snow and ice, and without further hesitation said “Lets go.” and “Yee haw.”

A huge thank you to Xaipan, Juicy, Isun, Allan, Ales, and many others for making this video possible. Also, a huge thank you to Rollin, and Overlord for keeping the scene in Taiwan alive and thriving.

Words by Wes Fleming Video Edited by Zach Creighton

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