It’s 6am on Go Skateboarding Day and I get woken up to Jesse Ramirez making sure everyone is awake to leave on a trip to Toronto with the rest of the  Boutique Rollin skate team, which in my opinion set the mood for the stoke on this whole trip. 

So I got to Rollin at the meet up time of 7:30 am to find Louka Proulx, Felix Patry, Sebastien Lucas, Jimmy Bisson, and our master lensman Jeremy Belanger baking in the morning sun waiting for the van to arrive! Once Jesse pulled up In the rental van, we fuelled up with some cold brews from Rollins new café, Felix pressed play on the latest club jam and off we went.

Our first stop was Kingston to meet up with road trip shaman Dan Mathieu, where we got to skate all the hidden gems that Queens University has to offer. I definitely recommend a visit, just watch out for the campus security guards on bikes. After skating was done, Dan treated us to a night of camping on his farm! We circled around the fire, made smores and exchanged stories and passed out under stars! As the rooster crowed, the boys started poking their heads out the tents to be greeted by Dan with a farm fresh breakfast. His famous morning smoothies had us all feeling hyped for the day!

Jessy Ramirez, wallie
Jessy ran into local legend Dan Bohart at the park.
Vince Baldo, from the small, angled bank to nosegrind
Louka Proulx, frontside 180

After a quick stop on the reserve for a re-up of some herbal magic we were off to Toronto. Once we got there we were met by the kid squad: Jayden Sauvé, Elijah Morson, and Raph Cadieux. Our first spot was to check out the Arizona diy. It’s not quite finished but it’s starting to take shape to be a masterpiece! Props to those boys for putting in work! After cruising around for a bit the boys started flying over a loading dock gap, which ended up being a great success!

Seb Lucas, backside 180
Jimmy Bisson, switch hardflip
Louka Proulx, heelflip
Elijah Morson getting help from Vince Baldo

We tried to get into the city after that to hit up some spots but we underestimated the Toronto traffic and got downtown pretty late, so we decided to hit up Dunbat to skate the park and eat some falafel.
The next day was a scorcher, we met up with local beasts Jayden Bono and Ben Patterson who were nice enough to show us some spots along the water, where we had a nice waterfront breeze and the music of some crazy ass boat parties, once the sun was starting to go down we hit up a new gem in Toronto which was this into bank over a two block where the boys, especially trip MVP Louka Proulx, sealed the deal on a very productive trip. It was definitely a weekend to remember with not a moment without stoke! I want to thank Boutique Rollin, Dan Mathieu, Ben and Jayden for such an amazing weekend. MOOOOOOSSSSE!!!!!!

Jimmy Bisson, frontside halfcab kickflip
Louka Proulx, backside tailslide
Seb Lucas, nollie flip
Elijah Morson and Raph Cadieux
Jayden Bonon and Ben Patterson
Louka Proulx, switch kick flip

Felix Patry, 50-50

Text by Vince Baldo

Photos by Dan Mathieu