This year, Vans is bringing their Park Series contest to Montreal for the first time and since Montreal did not have a bowl to host the event, Vans is building their own at the base of the infamous Olympic Stadium. 

With the event only 1 week away, we had a little chat with park builder Phil D’Aoust.

Hey Phil, can you tell us what is going on at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal right now and what is your roll there?

I’s the foam zone party, that’s what is going on! We are building a bowl for the Vans Park Series that will go down on July 12 and 13!
Marshall and myself are the two parks builders in charge of making this happen.

-Thats rad. For a minute I got worried you guys were not gonna have enough time to build the bowl, but I am surprised at how fast it’s coming together. What were some of the challenges you guys had to overcome?

I was worried too, not even 8 weeks to build that deep hole is nuts.
The most stressful was when the foams did not show up in order and on time, but now we are almost done.

Wanna tell us a bit about the design and the crew that is building this?

California Skatepark designed the bowl. The deep end stands at just over 9 feet with vert extensions everywhere and a gnarly island! The guys from CA skatepark are really tight!

Is the bowl gonna be taken down after the event?

Nope, it’s a permanent structure and the managing crew at the Olympic Stadium want to build a skate plaza around the bowl next summer.

-Amazing. Anything else you wanna add?

No pain / tu as pas mal.

Phil Daoust, taking a well deserved power nap.

All previous photos by Dan Mathieu

Photo by Phil D’aoust
photo by Livin Prod

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