The Internet cafe

Golde Clothing, out of Edmonton, recently released their first full lenght; The Internet cafe. We reached out to founder Ty Zahr to find out a bit more about Golde and the video.

-Tell us a bit about Golde Skateboards and who is on the team.

I started GOLDE back in 2013, I just wanted a place where we could create whatever the fuck we wanted and thats what we like to do from the skating to the clothing.
The Core team mainly comprises of Brian Cardinal, Greg Woytkiw, Vincent Orr, Zach Hoffman, Coby Sucre and Vinnie Tubbs.

-How did the video project come about? How long did it take to film and did you guys go on any trips or filmed everything locally?

So about 3 years ago I linked up with my homie Jordan Staples and we got to talking. Skating played a big part in both of our lives growing up, it very well helped shaped who we are as people today and we didn’t forget that.
One of our goals that we shared was we wanted to make a full length skate film to give back to our scene. At the time, our city was quite stagnant with skateboarding, there wasn’t much going on so we got to plotting. We formed a team and from there alot of trial and error occurred. It took us about 2.5 years to film and edit due to the harsh winters here but we got it done and had fun doing it. We filmed 90% of it locally but took a few trips to Vancouver for things like Go Skate Day, which was fucken insane.
Shouts out to all the Vancouver homies.

-Any interesting shit happened while filming for the video?

I wouldn’t know where to start with this question, so much crazy shit happened from security guards smoking weed with us when they were suppose to be kicking us out. Not to mention some of the weird B-roll we got along the way.
One noteworthy story though was the time we went to Vancouver on 24hr notice in Gregs van. Stapes said we needed to take a skate trip so I asked him when and he said tomorrow, I told him only if Greg says yes mainly cause he had the luxury
2006 Honda Odyssey. Greg answers and tells us to give him 5 minutes, he calls us back in 2 minutes and next thing we know, we’re heading to Van in a van with no place to stay except the van and homies couches if we are lucky. It was completely worth it, other then driving back through the BC forest fires, which seemed like every mountain was on fire. That was the only sketch part but yeah, I highly recommend people take spontaneous trips, they are usually the best ones even if you’re broke, you can make it work.

-How is the Edmonton scene and should people come visit?

The Edmonton scene is growing and its very exciting to see. With that being said, Edmonton has tons of new street spots emerging everyday, and our summers are great for skating. The sun comes up at 5am and goes down near 11pm, so plenty of time to get
out and get something.

-Anything else you’d like to add? Next project? Summer plans?

Yeah thank you for taking the time to put us up, we appreciate SBC’s dedication and love for skateboarding extensively so thank you. Our next project is already in the works and you know our only goal is to have fun and make a better video then the last one. Our summer plans include taking a crazy road trip from Edmonton to Vancouver for Go Skate Day and then down the Westcoast to California and a lot of cities on the way. If you have any recommendations for spots along the way, let us know. We actually have more then 24 hrs to plan this one out thankfully.

The Internet Café DVD’s will be dropping out soon, follow Golde on instagram for updates.


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