Thank You El Niño

It’s called The Bridge Spot.

A 2.5 year old DIY built by the DIYYC crew in Calgary. So far this winter, with a combination of chinooks, El Niño and a bridge to cover it, the Bridgespot has been a constant go to with the locals for seshes.

Throughout its existence, The Bridge Spot has endured a series of red tape hurdles with city officials. From the early beginnings of police stopping by and inquiring what is happening to city planning engineers inspecting the obstacles to ensure public safety, the Bridgespot has sustained a fair amount of scrutiny/uncertainty, but its slowly gaining acceptance.

Plans are in the works this spring to have a Best trick contest/jam/fundraiser in partnership with Ninetimes Skateshop.

As for now, The Bridge Spot crew will continue to push for acceptance and plans are always in the mix to expand the park one pour at the time.

Cheers and Happy El Niño!

Denis Lebel, ollie
Dan Robinson, fakie front crook.
Dan Robinson, nosepick stalefish shot by Robert Bishop.



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Text by Denis Lebel

Photos by Jade Hertz


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