The Human Condition – Vol. 3, 4 and 5

Kai’s been releasing The Human Condition videos faster then we can keep up so here is Volume 3, 4 and 5.


The human Condition Vol. 3

The experiences, emotions, needs etc that all people share, especially considered as a situation from which it is impossible to escape. ‘Discomfiture’, in general -mental or physical, is antithetical to our evolutionary nature which is, more correctly (and genetically), ‘the pursuit of best well-being and viability’, so when we come up against anything that is ‘troublesome’ to that pursuit in some way, we tend to linger on its ‘resolution’ -or at least wonder “Why can’t we -” and “If only -“. When there is no such problem, on the other hand, we automatically get on with the routine of life. Music by Kiz And Legin. Toronto Skateboarding 2020. Featuring Josh Edwards, Dillyn Horne, Sean St. Jacques, Will Baigent, Pat Dysart, Josh Forgues and Matt Roberts .


The Human Condition – Vol 4.

Each major religion has definitive beliefs regarding the human condition. For example, Buddhism teaches that life is a perpetual cycle of suffering, death, and rebirth from which humans can be liberated via the Noble Eightfold Path. Philosophers have provided many perspectives. An influential ancient view was that of the Republic in which Plato explored the question “what is justice?” and postulated that it is not primarily a matter among individuals but of society as a whole, prompting him to devise a utopia. Two thousand years later René Descartes declared “I think, therefore I am” because he believed the human mind, particularly its faculty of reason, to be the primary determiner of truth; for this he is often credited as the father of modern philosophy. One such modern school, existentialism, attempts to reconcile an individual’s sense of disorientation and confusion in a universe believed to be absurd.


The Human Condition – Vol 5.

“I’ll review the “pillars” of existentialism for the sake of clarity. They are isolation, responsibility, meaninglessness and death. Isolation in that we are basically totally alone in our lives. No one can ever truly know our conscious experience or feel our pain no matter how close we are to them. We are utterly isolated from all other people in that our experience with the universe exists for us only in our brains and minds. As it does only in the brains and minds of others. But this reality does not mean we have to be lonely. We can make important connections with other equally isolated souls and thus insulate ourselves, to a point, from the crushing weight of existential isolation”.

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