The Human Condition – Vol. 2

The Human Condition volume 2. Humans, to an apparently superlative degree amongst all living things, are aware of the passage of time, can remember the past and imagine the future, and are intimately aware of their own mortality. Only human beings are known to ask themselves questions relating to the purpose of life beyond the base need for survival, or the nature of existence beyond that which is empirically apparent: What is the meaning of existence? Why was I born? Why am I here? Where will I go when I die? The human struggle to find answers to these questions — and the very fact that we can conceive them and ask them — is what defines the human condition in this sense of the term. Music By Jesse James and Roshin go support them! Toronto Skateboarding 2020. Featuring Josh Edwards, Dillyn Horne, Sean St. Jacques, Will Baigent, Josh Forgues and Matt Roberts .

You can watch Vol. 1 here.