Almáfia – “Unfinished Business 2020”

If you have the chance to go skate Portugal, take it! It’s awesome out there and watching Almáfia makes us crave it so bad.

This is the new generation of skateboarding in Almada, Almáfia!

It all began at the plaza. Getting a youth army, searching for spots and making it happen.

Telmo Gonçalves
Adilson Pedro
Tiago Pinto
Daniel Santos
Ofir Shahar
Miguel Santos
Tomás Pinto
Alex Rodrigues
Gabriel Cardoso
Ruben Lopes
Tomás Loureiro

Filmed and Edited
Telmo Gonçalves

Additional filming –
Daniel Galli
Frankling Neto
Tomás Loureiro
Pedro Raimundo
Miguel Costa