Somewhere in central Québec, a bunch of skate rats built a 80’s style vert ramp that looks really fun to skate and we wanted to find out more about the ramp so we reached out to 2 of the instigators, JT Chagon and Guillaume Lavoie.

All photos by Maxime Aubert-Leblanc

Guillaume Lavoie and JT Chagnon

-With the current pandemic situation, we see a lot of backyard ramps popping up lately, did you build this because of the Covid19 virus or was it already planned?

JT: No we were already planning on building it, but the crisis probably helped with making it happen faster.

-Does the ramp have a name?

JT:Not really, the area where the ramp is is called Manseau 500, which is near Manseau, Quebec.

Who was involved in designing the ramp and building it?

JT: Ti-Guy and myself (JT Chagnon) decided the shape and size of the ramp and we had 2 of Projet 45’s finest, Phil Daoust and Etienne Deshaies, help us with all the details. A bunch of people from the Victoriaville crew helped out a lot as well. 

Guillaume: Etienne made the pool coping.

What are the specs of the ramp?

7.5’ tall, 20’ wide and the radius we keep secret.

-Did you guys finance it yourself?

JT: We started a gofundme which helped finance part of it, but it mostly came from our own pockets.

-Why a 80’s style backyard ramp in 2020?

Guillaume: Because it’s sick!

Guillaume Lavoie
JT Chagon
Jonathan Gagné
JT Chagon

If you’d like to donate to the Manseau 500 ramp, the GoFundMe is still active. Just clic here.