Two Kingston locals, Tyler Kimmett and Kelly King, worked together to create a ‘Halloween Skate Bash’ where folks of all ages and skill-levels from the area, including Belleville, Picton and even Montreal gathered to compete in several events and have a good time. There were tons of great prizes, music, a BBQ, and many free treats for everyone to enjoy.

“It was simply about bringing people together, having fun and doing what we love. Someone told us that it was “the best day ever”! We are incredibly thankful that this day generated so much happiness and appreciation amongst everyone. We definitely look forward to hosting more skateboarding events soon!”

We owe much great thanks to all our wonderful sponsors and amazing friends; together, we all made it what it was.

SPONSORS: BSE Skateshop, Dead On, Francisco Corbett, The Toucan & Kirkpatrick’s, Tommy’s, Stone City Ales, Hardrock Finishes and SBC Skateboard Magazine.

– Tyler & Kelly

“Let’s-a go!” Thanks Tyler Kimmett for making this happen.
Eric Williams, backside kickflip
Kelly King, making sure everything ran smoothly. Good job dealing with the city!
Jonah Melnyk, bigspin kickflip
Eric Williams, backside 360
Jax Bionda as Man Ramp won best costume, obviously.
Jonah Melnik, backside kickflip
Artist Francisco killed it all day, bringing the happiness and big smile.
Mitchel was there
Game of Skate winner, Scott Lauzon
Jonah Melnik, backside tailslide
Andy Locke, backside 180 fakie nose grind 
Jonah Melnik, kickflip backside lipslide
Thanks Kelly and Tyler!

All photos by Dan Mathieu