Jazzy Under Observation Interview/Part

Jayden “Jazzy” Larivere Photo Alton

So let’s start with the essentials, whats your name, how old are you and where you from? Jayden Lariviere, I’m 17 and from Langley.

But you live in Cloverdale now? Yeah

Where did the nickname Jazzy come from? My old french teacher used my name as a example, she said Jazzy Jayden and it kinda just stuck from there.

What about “Joodin” I see you have for a couple of you social media account? {Laughs} My other teacher had a accent and instead of pronouncing my name Jayden she would say Joodin so I just got started getting called “Jazzy Joodin”

How long have you been skating? About 6 years

Is the same about the same time you put the scoot down? Yeah… {laughs}

You’ve moved around a bit, where all have you lived? Born in Langley, Moved to Surrey, Back to Langley then to Kamloops then white rock, then Frasier Heights now in Cloverdale. 

How was living in Kamloops? People say thats where your skating really progressed. Kamloops was cool, when I first moved there all I really had was to skate since I didn’t know anybody and having that good park helped my skating for sure. Definitely one of my favorite parks.

True, Kamloops park has definitely bread some high talent. With Cloverdale being your local now, if you could only skate one park for the rest of your life which would you choose? Probably Kamloops park. {Laughs}

What Makes Kamloops park stand out? It’s spaced out, you can get some laps in. It also just has everything you need, there’s nothing really missing. You can practice anything you want?

Fs Board Photo Alton

I heard you had a incident one time at the Cloverdale park, do you mind talking about it? Sure.

What exactly happened? Basically this little scooter kid was standing in the way of what I was trying to skate and I told him “Get the F*ck out the way” like a little shit head. He didn’t move so I just left the park with some friends. When we left for some reason we decided to go to the flea market where I stole a knife. After I did that I came back to the park with this knife I stole and showed the homies this knife but I didn’t know this scooter kid thought I was still mad at him so he told him mom.

What happened next? So the homies told me to try and skate again because they said the mom was gonna freak out and they wanted to film it thinking it was funny.

Did the mom freak out? Yeah she did and I got scared so I just left the park.

Then you came back to the park and thats where things went really bad? Yeah cops were at the park, I was stupid and didn’t think they were there for me but as I’m walking up they flash the lights “Whoop Whoop”, pull me to the side, ask if I have a knife, I say yeah, they took me to the station and had to the whole nine.

So you what got arrested? Yeah, hectic. did a whole interview process my parents obviously got involved.

How old were you when all this happened? 14

Did you get charged? Yeah I got charged, but I had a cool deal with a probation officer. The deal was if I followed through with all the classes and counselling that my charges would be dropped.

How long did you have a probation officer for? About a year, pretty much the whole time I was living in Kamloops.

Was you moving to Kamloops have anything to do with this situation? It had a part for sure.

Fs Shuv Photo Alton

People said you had a period of time you weren’t skating was this before or after this incident? It was after because I got banded from the skatepark for a year.

How long was it after getting banned form the park and you moving to Kamloops? Couple Months

And in that time what were you doing? Kinda street skating by myself and hanging with other friends blazing. I was really trying to figure things out because before all I really did was skate the skatepark and I had that taken away from me so I didn’t know what to do.

Crazy to think the impact not being able to skate your local can have on someone cause I hear the people you were hanging out with during this time weren’t necessarily the best crowd. Yeah for sure.

When you came back from Kamloops people say you were a completely different kid, did that time in Kamloops give you time to reflect on your decisions? Yeah I kinda figure out what was better for me and how to be useful with my time instead doing hood rat shit, I realized it was not useful at all. {laughs}

With that time away from Cloverdale did you miss it at all? Yeah for sure, I knew I took it for granted. When I came back I was so my for grateful for the homies and to see everyone.

How was the first day back to Cloverdale after being away? It was so sick, best vibes ever. Had a fresh christmas complete, all the homies were there, said whats up to everyone and we all killed it!

Would you say you’ve chilled out from that that angry little kid? Yeah, I use to be a smart ass kid that wouldn’t shut up that would say whatever came to my head, now I prefer to just observe, chilled out a lot.

So out of the negative situation do you feel you got positive out of it? 100%, it was definitely a learning experience, I learned a lot about myself.

That’s rad how took such a negative situation and turned it by the sounds of it into a huge positive. Yeah for sure.

Wallie Photo Alton

So you got a VX part dropping soon, and you had a HD part around this time last year, do you have a preference on what you like better? Dang thats a hard one, I like the look of VX but if I had to go with one I’d probably say HD

Whats your favourite part of the filming process? Just getting out in the streets with the homies, the reward of getting the clips!

Do you premeditate a lot of your skating? Ummm some of the bigger tricks, but I do like going with the flow. It is always nice to have at least a idea or a tricks.

Lastly any shout outs you want to give? Yeah for sure, shout out to Adam at Timebomb for hooking it up with Etnies, Dave Boyce at RDS, Matt and Tom at Supra for Diamond Supply co and Spitfire and lastly my first sponsor 808 and Bench in Kamloops!