Hello! My name is Amelia, I’m 18 years old. I’m a sports and action photographer in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is a very small town – apart from the tourists that visit each year. The population of kids is also very small, and the amount of things for kids to do even less so.

The one thing we have is the skatepark. It’s a popular place that kids meet every day to share their passion for skating. In small towns like ours, skateparks are great because it gives kids something to do while being active and making friends. Some of the best times and friendships come from the skatepark. 

Here are some photographs telling the story of all we have going on here at Jack Milligram Skatepark.

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Coen does a 5-0 at sunset in front of the red rocks.@coen_skates
True is the youngest of the crew so he’s sitting on the sidelines watching the action.
Coen, John, and Kai pose for a photo with their boards.
Coen attempting front side air up the 7ft ramp at sunset.
In this photo Leo was filming a skater, but I managed to get him to look for the photo.
Matt gets big air in front of red rocks. @yowdey
Chilling with friends while taking a break from riding. 

Coen John and Kai Chill for a second while riding in 100-degree heat. 
Dylan, Joey, Zion, and Leo sitting on the famous ledge.  Some kids skateboard, some pogo stick…….

Tired of skating? Take a seat on your board.
Skateboarding gives you wings. @asap.cartier