International Women’s Day At Taz

What happens when Vans Canada and Annie Guglia team up for INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY? A kickass free event at Le TAZ!

I was so stoked when Annie approached me to help organize a free bus from Ottawa to Montreal. Let alone the fact that I could stuff it with 18+ female skate rats from the ottawa -Gatineau area. The obvious pick up and drop off location being Birling, a local skateboard shop that I have the privilege  of not just working at but being part of the awesome community it fosters. It was so easy to fill the bus with 46 women skate rats. The only worry was that someone would forget beer and I would have to part with one of my precious tall can children (lucky our bus driver made a pit stop at a Dep and restocked)

Once we were on the bus it was blasting beats and the never ending harmony of 46 ladies chit chatting. It sounded like a choir of chaos which I welcomed. We did end up having to switch buses half way because there’s never a skate trip without a hiccup. But back on the new bus we got and off to Le Taz!

Did I mention this while event was free? We just walked in and started skating. Rentals and skateboard clinics for those just getting started, so smooth sailing is an understatement. There was also a free DIY custom shoe painting area lead by Zema, a mtl graffiti and tattoo artist. Dinner was greasy pizza free to all the ladies. Then best part was the free tattoo raffle by Melodie Perrault – which I fucking won!

The atmosphere of being surrounded by uplifting, like minded women who are all working towards the same goals is something special. Especially when you look over and your friend is falling face first with a huge smile into some skate lite. Truly makes you want to get more buck. Overall an amazing event with amazing people!

by Meg Dowe

photos by Aaron Cayer


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