Go Skateboarding Day seems to be the perfect storm for skateboarding. Each year in Canada it only seems to gain momentum. Getting hundreds of skaters together and throwing them wild in the streets seems to be the only plan needed. The hype I’ve seen at some of these street sessions is unbelievable and leads to some amazing tricks going down by all kinds of people. It’s great to see your local ripper skating a spot beside your local pro and a whole crowd hyping up anyone willing to throw down. There’s never really been a skateboard event as inclusive as Go Skate Day. Its truly amazing to see an entire community out rolling in the streets, blocking off spots and then a huge crowd parted down the middle so people can get tricks. Some of the tricks that went down in Toronto and Vancouver this past Friday were nothing short of legendary. Enjoy these photos from some of the events that went down across Canada.

Jesse Landen


photos by Aaron Cayer


photos by Steve Marentette

Caleb Nicholls
Devante Keith
Dylan Timmins
Caleb Nicholls
Malik Walker
Tom Nelner
Tom Nelner


photos by Marc André Lavoie

Jay Dallaire
Jessy Jean-Bart
Ludovic Charbonneau
Marc Tison
Max Gauvin
Phil Binette
Rat Pack


photos by Sam Fidlin

T Bone
Andy Anderson
Dillon Moore
Cameo Wilson
Dallas Ives
Matt Berger
Mikey Ray
Nick Garcia
Sascha Daley
Dillon Moore


Filmed by Tomas Morrison