Exposé Photo Section from Issue 19.2


Ben Paterson, backside 50-50 beyond the shadow of a doubt. [o] Nathan Éthier-Myette
Somewhere over the rainbow… Scott Lauzon, kickflip. [o] Dan Mathieu
Kevin Lowry, pole jammin’ … I hope you like jamming’ too. [o] Noel Wendt
Mickenzie Keller is an art vandal eh! Wavy wall ride [o] Sam Fidlin.
No, it’s not a shifty ollie north. See the rail? Neil Blackwood, kickflip frontside board slide [o] Curtis Rothney
Ryan Siemmens locks a frontside feeble and throws away the key. [o] Sam Fidlin
Chad Baker forgot where he parked hi car. [o] Liam Glass