Easy – Medecin Hat Skateboarding

“Easy” is a new video from Medicine Hat filmer Christian Ferguson.

We reached out to Christian to find out a bit more about his project.

How long did you work on the video?

The oldest clip is about two years old.

Who killed it in the video?

Everyone killed it but Reis Burrows took it to that next level.

Any crazy stories that happened during filming?

Reis and I were visiting Edmonton and we were meeting Zach Hoffman downtown at a YMCA. We were just chilling and all of a sudden a rowdy homeless man shouts “you stole my lighter! I left it here yesterday!” I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then he tried to grab me, so I punched him in the face a few times and he walked away. After we met up with Zach, we started filming at this knobbed rail and another homeless man who witnessed the whole thing came and gave me props for beating up that dude because apparently he frequently bullies people. You hear him in the video when Zach is about to skate the rail. He goes to Reis and says  “hey was that your buddy in the park? Eh good feeding on him man” shit like that never happens in Med Hat haha!

How is the Med Hat skate scene?

It’s not bad because it’s pretty tight knit with the Medicine Hat skateboard association. We do all kinds of charity work and fundraising and things. The spots are wack as fuck tho. They’re all way too hard to skate and footage never does a trick any justice.

Any plans for the summer?

Those guys probably want to start filming again as soon as possible so we will get going on another video.