A video featuring...Conlan Killeen, Dave Dolan, Jeff Matheson, Adam Hopkins, Jeff Muirhead, Ben Koppl, Sky Siljeg, Stepan Soroka, Adam George, Riley Boland, Adam Richter & Sam Lind   Filmed by Corey Mcintosh
It's called The Bridge Spot. A 2.5 year old DIY built by the DIYYC crew in Calgary. So far this winter, with a combination of chinooks, El Niño and a bridge to cover it, the Bridgespot has been a constant...
Golde Clothing, out of Edmonton, recently released their first full lenght; The Internet cafe. We reached out to founder Ty Zahr to find out a bit more about Golde and the video. -Tell us a bit about Golde Skateboards and who is on... Starting off the New Year right with an amazing short video by Jaxon Truitt out of Vancouver featuring @4ndyone @1beerdeep @tjsnelling_haha @ppackrunner @tavigibson @yeanotreally @nick.glivie @loudzip @ris_khalifa @connorbelvis

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