Snow Day with Alex Gavin

A few years ago after a snow storm in Montreal, I got a phone call from Alex Gavin, he wanted to shovel a few spots and see what we could come up with. So for the next 3-4 days we went on this cold and fun mission. Some spots we had to first go drop a bunch of salt to melt the ice in the landing and then come back the next day to break whatever ice was left and shovel the rocks and salt. We also built little fires wherever we could to keep warm.

All photos by Dan Mathieu


Nollie to fakie

This drop in is the first photo we shot. I remember it was hella cold that night and I think Gavin had 2 pairs of long jones under his pants.
Fakie Thruster
one pair of shoes and socks to walk to the spot and a change to skate. Who needs boots.
Backside nollie
Pretty sure these people still talk about this moment every time they walk pass this spot. Drop in.