20th MQC annual City Hall Poser Game Championship

Every year, the skate scene of Montréal comes together for the MQC annual City Hall Poser Game Championship.

The event started in 2000 when Bernard Mailhot decided to invite the whole city to come and play a game of Poser on the City Hall bench. Enrollment was 5 bucks, and the winner would take home the cash and the trophy. The following year Bernard re-organized the contest, and the trophy was passed on to the second champion. The following year the game coordinating was succeeded by MQC, and against the odds, last Wednesday we held the 20th Annual Poser Game and to make it extra special, MQC had a replica of the original City Hall bench made and the trophy is now bronzed. Long time Poser Game judges Big James and Etienne Tanguay showed up as well as a bunch of young rippers who were under 5 years old when the first Championship was held! 

 Congrats to Zander Mitchell for winning the trophy for the fifth time!

Video by Frenchie

Photos by Dan Mathieu