Transition skating has always been so fascinating to me… probably because Im so terrible at it. So it amazes me to see the kinds of things skaters can do when let loose on this kind of terrain. I have a ton of respect for those who dedicate their time to learning how to rip corners and grind coping like theres no tomorrow. So I figured why not put together some of my favourites from over the year. Enjoy – Sam Fidlin @samfidlinphoto

Jesse Belrose – Blunt Fakie This one was shot out in Canmore, Alberta at the skatepark. I think its likely one of the most scenic skateparks we have here in Canada. Being my first time visiting Canmore, I was in complete awe by the backdrop to the park that I couldn’t pass up shooting something here. Still one of my favourite photos of all time to this day.

Adam Hopkins – Invert When I think of a backyard pool session, this is exactly the kind of image that come to mind. A bunch of homies in the shallow end and one guy ripping around the deep. Backyard pools are far and few here in the North so if you ever hear of any in your home towns be sure to get it while the gettins’ good because they may be gone in no time! RIP to this gem.

Jamie Maley – Nosegrind This shot of Jamie has confused many. People have asked multiple times if the photo was flipped upside down but nope, thats just Jamie ripping a nose grind over an open doorway at the infamous Leeside DIY!

Theo Papanikolaou – Slash One of my all time favourite photographers Matt Price has recently been doing these insane super close up fisheye shots (likely inspired by Tadashi) where the skater is practically touching the lens with his wheel / board. Always liked the uncomfortable in your face feeling I got from looking at those. Figured id give it a go myself and boy is it ever nerve racking shooting that way!

James Clarke – Smith Grind I think every city deserves its own space for a DIY skatepark. Seattles one of those cities that really did it right with theirs. Marginal Way is a must stop if you’re ever in the area. Luck for us in Vancouver its only a couple hours away!

Muskellunge of Dark Island – Layback Smith How could I not have a BAKU photo be a part of my favourite tranny photos? Barrier skating is some of the toughest and tightest kind of transition out there and you gotta give mad respect to those who dedicate their time figuring out how to slay these things

Conlan Killen – 5-0 Fakie I was lucky enough to spend a few months watching the final touches go down on the new section at Vancouver Leeside DIY. Conlan and I went and shot this 5-0 fake over the loveseat only a week or so after the final concrete was poured. Not often do you get to see a DIY like this so bare prior to being bombed with graffiti.

Byron Ready – Kickflip Transfer Very rarely do you find perfect transition out in the streets like this. This ones an Ontario gem and coincidentally is only a few minutes from my parents home in Dundas, ON. As good as it looks in photos or footage, if you’ve ever had the chance to skate the Christies Dam, you damn well know its not as easy to skate as it seems!

Jeff Matheson – Rock n Roll Whenever I look at this photo I can’t help but feel like it gives off this very classic skate photo vibe. Dirty vans shoes, backyard pool. Its one of my favourites and its nice knowing its of someone I grew up skating with and have know a long time.

Sam Lind – Backside Boneless Bonsor Bowl has been around for quite some time now. Its a BC classic, and even though its age does show, this guard rail hasn’t seen much in its days. Pool coping that sticks out far, and a skinny rail to land on, there not much room for error on this thing. Sam really stepped up and put his big boy pants on to dump this gnarly one in.