Living in Vancouver really does have its perks. Mountains, oceans and beaches, a great skate scene. And only being a couple hours away from Washington makes it super easy for a quick escape to a different city in search of new skate spots. So when the homies hit me up last minute asking if I wanted to hop in to head south it was as simple as saying yes.

Scroll Down for a photo dump of our recent weekend in Washington

Kolby Harris breaks out the trusty VX1000 while simultaneously working on his tan
Reid Spak using a minimal sized bump to get up on this tall crook
Steve Graham going the distance on this outbar crooked grind
Carter Grandin effortlessly ending a line at a newly built school with a smith grind
After the VX batteries died while filming Reid try this BS nose grind revert, we hit the local bar to recharge ourselves as well as the batteries to only return triumphant after only a few tries
Mike Schulze sweeping up a dried up fountain spot which rarely is skate able do to the water hazard, handles this backside ollie on some steep terrain
After camping out back of this school, Steve got right to it the next morning rifling out tricks left and right including this BS hurricane
If you know Reid you know he has one of the best kick flips ever. After being on the hunt for the perfect bump to bar to put his flick to work we ended the trip with this pinnacle kicky

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Photos shot by Sam Fidlin