This Spring, Vans is excited to partner with Vancouver-based label CLUBGEAR on a duo of party-ready skate shoes. The quintessential Slip-On Pro and Era Pro have been reimagined through a vibrant, ‘90s rave inspired lens.

Known for their techno-esque graphics and fun-loving lifestyle, CLUBGEAR has established a cult following in the Canadian skate scene for being true to themselves and doing what they do best – partying, chilling, and skating. There’s no agenda, no bio, no business plan. As they put it, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.” And Vans gets that.

Working with the CLUBGEAR squad, the Vans team have reworked two skate classics in dance-floor-ready patterns with asymmetric neon accents. The Era Pro features a mismatched take on Vans’ iconic checkerboard pattern in a total of ten (10!) different multi-check colorways across the left and right styles. The heels are embroidered with a yellow CLUBGEAR logo, ID’ing the collaborator behind the organized chaos. They even come with a set of micro-checkerboard laces if you want to turn it up to 11.

The Slip-On Pro features an elusive northern brand’s “Crosshair” pattern, while the CLUBGEAR name spins forever by way of the foxing stripe. Both the Slip-On Pro and Era Pro feature mis-matched blue and red rubber Vans heel labels with each coming in a custom all-over print box. A select number of customers will receive a hand-embellished box with artwork by skater Tyler Warren or Ben Blundell.

Available April 11, 2020 exclusively online through select Vans Pro Skate accounts in the US and Canada, as well as at WWW.CLUBGEARWORLDWIDE.COM.