Vans Europe Presents: Cracow DIY Adventure

Vans Europe’s Polish skate team joined forces with the Skate or Die skateshop crew to rediscover some of their local gems for Cracow DIY Adventure.

One of the silver linings of the travel restrictions was that the guys could spend time exploring the local suburbs of Kraków looking for suitable locations to build DIY spots in less crowded spaces. Accompanied by Barrier Skate Mag, the crew focused on two spots – Kostrze and Myślenice (Sadly the Kostrze spot didn’t last too long. RIP.). Enjoy.

Music Credits:
“Hello Goodbye“
Performed by Modern Art
Album : Underwater Kites 1982 Music For Midgets

“I Am Going”
Performed by Jesper Siliya
Album : Giant steps

“Tell Me”
Performed by The Problematics
Album : The Kids All Suck