Over the last year Vans skate team rider, Cher Strauberry, has broken boundaries and established her place within the global skate community. Cher’s unique flair on and off of a skateboard is an authentic representation of who she truly is. To celebrate Cher’s creativity, Vans partners with Cher to design her own Customade by Cher Strauberry footwear assortment.

Cher has meticulously designed an expressive range of Vans that incorporates her love of punk music, the title of her new zine “Diddley Squat” and lots of black and pink. “…My nails are almost always black and pink! My inspiration for my custom shoes comes from my manicure,” Cher exclaims. Cher’s openness about the struggles that she has endured and her ability to overcome adversity has elevated her role as an LGBTQ+ figure in skateboarding. Cher’s deeply personal insights in Vans’ Loveletters to LGBTQ+ coupled with her outstanding skateboarding showcases her unparalleled personality.

By emphasizing the importance of self-expression, Cher has set a monumental example for the youth to help inspire them to find their voice through creativity. Cher’s Customade by collection embodies the concept that creativity is all inclusive. This project is available now and will run in conjunction with National Transgender Awareness Week (11/13 – 11/19).

Vans is very proud to have Cher as a part of the family and to have her riding for the skate team as the first transgender skate team rider. To commemorate Customade by Cher Strauberry Vans has donated $20,000 USD on behalf of Cher Strauberry to the Lyon-Martin Health Services in San Francisco, CA. Lyon-Martin Health Services and Women’s Community Clinic provides primary medical care, sexual and reproductive health care, and mental health services for women, gender non-conforming people, and transgender people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Lyon-Martin Health Services treat people regardless of their ability to pay and assist people with enrollment into a variety of health coverage programs.

You can shop Cher’s Customade by designs now and showcase your creativity by customizing her design with additional prints and materials available on vans.ca/customade.