Take an in depth look at our guy Chad Dicksons top 5 favourite video parts! From Arto Saari to local legends like Dustin Montie and Corey Sheppard, these parts shaped Chad into the skater he is today! Scroll down, sit back and enjoy!

Joe Buffalo – Premium Wood Unfazed

Not the first video I had seen but it was the first video with an aboriginal skater that I had met and could skate like a damn warrior! Dude gave me hope and made me want to pop the shit out of my tricks

Arto Saari – FLIP Sorry

The confidence / mollie heels and back lips he did! Thats all I ever wanted to do when I started skating

Marc Johnson – Modus Operandi

He could do every trick that I could ever imagine and I loved this style and attitude. He was what made skating to me.. anything was possible!

Corey Sheppard – BLIND What If?

Before he became one of my best friends, I looked up to that noodle bastard cause he could show that anything was possible, regular, fake, nollie or switch! That loving prick made me the skater I am today before even becoming best friends.

Dustin Montie – City of New Lights

People know that this is my brother till death but this guy put in so much work filming for this video part! IT inspires me so much knowing what kind of shit job he had on top of this. He works the most f*cked up hours but still squeezed it in to film the most bangers of all time!