THE MAZE – Skateboarding on the Largest Hydraulically Tilting Maze Ever!

40 tons of wood, a gigantic maze with one-metre holes in the floor and a tilting
platform that pushes huge metal balls through the convoluted corridors – this
may sound like an XL version of the popular wooden game board, but for
pro skateboarder Vladik Scholz from Cologne, Germany, it’s a dream come true: an unprecedented skatepark! Together with Red Bull he presents his latest video project, The Maze.

His fellow players are none less than Gustavo Ribeiro from Portugal, 3rd place in the world ranking and medal hope for Tokyo 2021, as well as Latvian skateboarder extraordinaire Madars Apse who shines with a ride on the oversized metal ball. Jost Arens, German Street Skateboarding Champion 2018, shows huge daring jumps over the obstacles as well.

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