Tanner Tsuji “For Me” Part

As some of you know, I came to this city for treatment to sober up and try and figure out life(still figuring it out). So I made the decision to stay here in the city and me being sober skateboarding is a huge outlet for me while staying on this sober path. I had the idea of filming a video part because it's something I'v never done in my 14 years of skating and being more clear minded I knew I could actually do it. The reason I called it “for me” is because even before all the sponsors I started filming this part just for me. I found that love for skating again and now I'm lucky to have all these amazing people and sponsors backing me. So I hope you enjoy. Next part will be bigger and better….hopefully haha - Tanner Tsuji Filmed by Chase Hamilton Additional Filming Pedro Orsi