“Skater Zombies” Short-Film

Canadian director-producer and visual artist Eileen Yaghoobian, premiers her new short-film “Skater Zombies”.

A skater-centric, female zombie thriller. Dawn of the Dead, The Warriors, Thrashin’, and 28 Days Later collide in SKATER ZOMBIE!

The ultimate skater flick with cool lead characters, rad locations, and the most epic, high-speed, gravity-defying chase scenes ever filmed!

In the corporate marketing wars of the early 21st century, skateboarding culture became so skilled and effective at content forming and subversive branding that it defeated all other rivals, leading to a modern world in which only skateboarders exist. Everyone is a skater in this world. Everyone.

Words from the Director:

I like the cinematic look of the skatepark at night, empty. I would go there just to watch the empty skatepark. On one of the nights, I ran into a fan of my first film, Died Young, Stayed Pretty. He said I should make a film on skateboarder zombies. So, I did! 

We tested the slow shutter effects and makeup for months. I wanted a different kind of skate, fight, zombie look for the film. The zombies in my film are female skateboarders only.  The bad batch of the drug only effects the XX chromosome. They are faster and better than ever. I didn’t want to shoot the skate tricks like we see them usually. I wanted the camera still. I think the slow shutter effects in the fight scene turned out awesome! Even if it took me literally a week to cut 10 seconds! 

On my first cut I got this awesome feedback from a producer friend “I can now see how a sparse landscape populated only by young people on skateboards works on its own terms, and shouldn’t require any other background information to explain it.” I think if you combine the things you love in film, that combo works if you pay attention to what makes them great on their own.


Watch the Trailer here