Skateboarding and Classical Ballet Reunited in Parisian Museums

For the first time, Parisian museums open their doors to skateboarding and classical ballet in a video. A contemporary love story set in a magical fairy tale Paris and an exclusive journey into empty monuments. A three-minute poetic flight over a musical score by Max Richter to rediscover French cultural heritage through an original perspective.

Spectators are carried away by a a carefully orchestrated visual choreography where skateboarding will become for the first time a new form of dance and rise to the rank of modern choreographic art. The union of two bodies in motion or the love encountered between both the stage and the street.

To stage this original concept, the two young French film directors Tristan Helias and Marin Troude received the support of the Musée d’Orsay and the Centre des Monuments Nationaux :

« By filming classical ballet and skateboarding with a modern approach, we tried to sublimate the works of art, open the museums’ doors to street art and make French culture more accessible to all. »

Directed by Marin Troude & Tristan Helias Produced by Tristan Helias Ballet dancer : Victoria Dauberville Skateboarder : Tristan Helias

For some reason the video reminded me of Dan Gezmer in Powell Perralta’s Public Domain.