Rylan Shaver’s Mehrathon Part

This is Rylan Shaver‘s brand new part and we hope you like it as much as we did.

To make the release of this part extra special, we’ve partnered up with Mehrathon Trading, Shakejunt and Vans to offer you the chance to win a nice package. Watch Rylan’s part on our IGTV for details.

We also had a little chat with Rylan to talk about what he’s been up to during these strange times.

Hey Rylan, congrats on the new part, I really enjoyed it.

-Thanks man, glad you like it!

Over what time period was the part filmed?

-Everything was filmed over the course of a year and half whenever Regan Hodgson and I were able to get out and skate. It was a little hard aligning our schedules but we made it happen.

Was it all filmed around Toronto? I think i saw 1 clip in MTL?

-Everything was filmed around Toronto except for the one Montreal clip that you’re talking about. We filmed that during the Dime weekend. We managed to get out and do some skating and enjoy the city. I love Montreal.

Any funny stories happened while filming?

-I don’t know if it’s a funny story, but I did shatter Regan’s fisheye lens trying to film a trick. My friend Caleb thought it was pretty funny and took a photo of me with the lens. He sends it to me often as a reminder. Sorry Regan!

How do you deal with the current situation?

-I’ve been using this time to do everything that I’ve been wanting to do or spend more time working on. I’ve been drawing a lot, playing music and just doing whatever I can to stay active. I recently built a ledge to skate too. I’m Just trying to keep busy and make the most of the situation.

What are you looking forward to most when the situation returns to semi normal?

-I’m looking forward to seeing all of my friends again. A situation like this really makes you realize everything that we take for granted. It’s pretty eye opening. That being said, I decided to go back to my hometown and get out of Toronto for a while. It’s been really nice getting to spend all of this time with my family.

What do you miss most right now?

-Definitely all of my friends. I think a lot of people are feeling the same way right now.

Anything else?

-I would like to thank Regan for his patience when it comes to filming tricks and for all the hard work he put into the filming and editing. I would also like to thank Raj and everyone at Mehrathon for their support, my friends for bringing the good vibes to every session and you guys for the opportunity. Appreciate it!