Kombucha Baby Brewing Company is pleased to welcome Andy Anderson to it’s team and family.

Andy will be acting as an ambassador for Hemp Energy Drink and Kombucha Baby promoting Hemp Energy Drink to a World Wide audience and his fan base. Kombucha Baby believes Hemp Energy Drink will gain popularity and consumer support for its high quality taste and performance. In addition, Andy’s reputation as a professional will reflect on his endorsement of Hemp Energy Drink and Kombucha Baby as quality products available to the consumer looking for an enjoyable drink that will not only quench their thirst but give them the energy they’re looking for without the crash.

Hemp Energy Drink is made only with the highest quality ingredients with a unique touch: the addition of hemp seed extracts, which gives an exquisite taste and adds the beneficial properties of hemp such as omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Hemp Energy Drink does not contain THC and has no narcotic effect. It is produced exclusively with water from the Austrian Alps, which guarantees unparalleled freshness.

A different kind of energy that allows you to focus, keep alert and contributes to mental performance and reduce fatigue, without the crash.