Nordic Light

Vans Europe are proud to release their first edit of 2021; Nordic Light.

The Vans Nordic team – with some brand new additions – used the travel restrictions to their advantage and rediscovered some gems in their local cities. Exploring the Scandinavian capitals Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki, they found everything from perfect plazas to rugged back alley spots.

Outdoor season is short in Scandinavia but during the summer the days are long and filled with light. The squad used the season to the max and filmed this piece between April and September, before once again retreating to indoor parks and parking garages for the winter.

Featuring Tommi Björk, Samuel Norgren, Mira Axelsson, Johan Bergljung, Nikolai Alin, Moa Zander, Oscar Säfström, Jonathan Sjöberg, Simon Hallberg, Eric Hedberg and Tom Botwid.

Filmed and edited by Tom Botwid.

Additional filming by Markus Bengtsson, Mikko Björk, Tor Ström , Jacob Hansson , Adam Carlander and Peter Johansson.

Music by Paul Botwid.

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