Lost In Carranza

In the night of October 12th 2015, Pablo Carranza falls back into hard drugs despite his sobriety and battle against years of addiction. Alone in his apartment, filled with regret and guilt, he decides to confess by leaving a final voice message for his first love.

This film by Marin Troude, true to life, depicts the story of Pablo Carranza, a young skater, lost and cut off from a system where everything goes too fast for the most vulnerable of us. Struggling in life and prisoner of his own environment, we follow him finding refuge in solitude, religion and hard drugs, anything that could give him the strength to face the harshness of a relentless daily struggle.

At the age of 18, Pablo was regarded as one of the top skateboarders of his generation. Soon, he made the front cover of magazines and all the sponsors were after him. Thrasher and Deluxe Distribution took him under their wing. The future looked bright, with a brilliant career ahead of him. But one day, things changed dramatically. Pablo was arrested for theft and assault with a knife on a security guard, and put in jail. When his sponsors got the news, they fired him. He came out of jail a few months later and decided to give up skateboarding for graffiti. Slowly, he was taking the road to hell in the streets of San Francisco, not aware that he was losing his soul into drugs…

Today, ten years later, Pablo is a better man. He is sober, stronger and unstoppable. He is determined to win his sponsors back. He is starting a new chapter of his life and agreed to talk about his past experience, his addictions and his old demons.

This documentary is a thoughtful portrait on one of the most intriguing personalities skateboarding has produced. In an unprecedented interview Pablo shares his plight, his inspiration and what led him to lead such a positive change in lifestyle.

Directed by Marin Troude
Starring Pablo Carranza

Here is Pablo’s part from Jim Lalonde’s “Fool’s Gold” back in 2012.