Luke Schering – Am I Savage

“For those of you who know Luke, you can agree the guy is always on a mission somewhere in his truck. Whether it be to work and back, a bud light run, or from spot to spot trying to get a clip. I guess the idea for this part all started on a road trip to the U.S. last year, which Luke held behind the wheel. Driving through the night from city to city, there always seemed to be one CD left on repeat. Metallica. One song in particular, “Am I Savage” sparked every session from there on, which I thought was a must, when deciding on a track for this part. One of the funniest moments while filming this part was Luke getting the nollie heel in Toronto. I remember we were all at Harbour Front for most of the day, eating pizza and staying hydrated with a couple cold ones. After convincing everyone to check one more spot before heading back home, the crew headed to Commerce 10 to try our luck. After getting a handful of tries about 5 security guards showed up to kick us out, but surprisingly after all of us yelling “1 more,” they let him have another go. With the pressure on and a crowd of people at the bottom of the set, Luke happened to roll away and everyone lost it! I think that clip might be one of my favourites, out of everything I filmed. But alongside of getting footage for breakfast, Luke is always down to pick everyone up, peep new spots, fix old ones, crush latte’s and smoke the homies in NHL anytime. It’s true that if you’re not skating with your friends, you’re wasting your time. And I think it’s also true that Luke Schering, is Savage!”

-Trent Krueger

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Filmed and edited by Trent Krueger

Additional filming by

Daniel Policelli

Adam Banks

Ryan Buxton

Tyler Pearson-Mallin