LeBicar is a Montréal visual artist strongly influenced by the culture of skateboarding and music. Despite the use of different media (canvas, wood, metal, objects, etc.) and the variety of projects, we recognize his work by his single pencil stroke. He recently did a new piece at Projet 45 DIY skatepark in Montreal and we had a little chat with him.

Can you tell us a bit about your style?

Most of my work is in black and white. I like to keep it minimal with a couple of simple strokes. My goal is mainly to create a positive one liner imagery! My work was once described as a mix between a child’s drawing and a metal album cover…I kind of like this description 🙂

How do you decide what your canvas will be and why this bowl corner at P45?

I did a couple of pieces at P45 in the past. The first one was in 2014, woah, time flies! It’s my way to contribute to the project by donating time, paint and some art! This year, my idea was to hit a spot in the park that isn’t in the main traffic path so the piece can stay longer. Also this pocket bowl is just beside the bbq/chillin area, so the crew can enjoy it as much as possible!

Gab Delery, crailslide

Do you use a different, non slip paint when your canvas is a surface people will skateboard on?

For my outdoor work, I like to paint with matte exterior paint. That way, it’s less slippery and it doesn’t reflect the sun that much. Perfect to shred it!

What is this piece titled?

Break the mold!

How does it feel to see people skate on your art?

I think it’s a good way to democratize my work. And the footage looks sick! I’m stoked that my art can add something nice visually to the sessions.

Just before we had to go in quarantine, you decided to quit your regular job to focus on your art. How is it going so far?

Strangely good! When I did the move, my summer was all booked and then everything stopped. I was kind of nervous to be honest, but I had the chance to work with a lot of good brands and clients… it’s different, but still the best move I’ve ever done!

Where can people find out more about your art?

In the pandemic situation, the best is on IG (@lebicar) and a little bit everywhere in the streets of Montréal.

Oh and how many boards a year do you go through?

A lot man! Heavy weight problem ahahah!

All photos by MONK