Larvikite Lines

The small coastal town of Larvik in south-east Norway has one incredible convergence of skateboarding circumstances which led to this project.
Home to the sublimely-gifted Enjoi pro skater Didrik Galasso, Larvik is also where Larvikite, Norway’s national stone, is extracted from giant edifices. Larvikite is an ancient stone of extreme hardness, which is sometimes known as ‘blue granite’ outside of Norway.

Exported worldwide for use in everything from building exteriors (the United Nations building in New York is clad in Larvikite) to kitchen counter tops, it’s also beyond perfect for skating. As well as forming perfect lines even before finishing, Larvikite demonstrates the Schiller effect – it sparkles from internal crystals. That’s how dense the stone is.

So, when the opportunity arose to visit Lundhs Real Stone quarry and create a permanent Larvikite skatepark for the town’s skate scene, Torey Pudwill, Chris Haslam and Angelo Caro flew in to link up with Deedz and session the 300 million-year-old terrain in situ – before bringing it all down from the mountain quarry to create a permanent skate space in Larvik itself.

Marvel at the wonder of nature, the ingenuity of humanity and the radness of skateboarding in Larvikite Lines above. If you’re ever in Larvik, be sure to hit up their new skate spot courtesy of Didrik Galasso and Lundhs Real Stone.

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