GRRRND Zero – The Big Reveal

We posted Julien Paccard’s new project, GRRRND ZERO, a few weeks back and if you’ve watched the 7 films separately, you may have noticed that the music seemed to be more or less the same on each of them. Which is absolutely correct.

The reason is that to each film, one instrument had been attributed. Tommy Buder worked with Julian to select one sonority per texture. He then could create a harmonious music composed of 7 instruments on that base. Julain the edited every single film on the base of a certain beat per minute, to allow the 7 films to be synced once shown projected all next to each other against a wall, for example.

Enough said, sit back and relax for at least 7 minutes. Click on the link below and watch the result. I bet that’s going to be surprising…