Enfance, a video by Alex Blais.

Summer of 2019 was all road trips for the DSC crew and homies. From Montreal to New York City, Enfance showcases a variety of both young and old Quebec skateboarders.

Filmed by:
Alex Blais
Phil Carpentier
Alex Havey
Josh Oakes

Max Wasungu
Will Phelan
J-F Lessard
Remy Michel
Etienne Bélanger
Dart Richard
Kevin Domon
Elian C.Audet
Pierre-Yves Frappier (PIF)
Guillaume Nicol
Anthony Côté
John McParland
Gabriel Jeanson
Morin Morin
Vincent Beauchemin
Dave Engerer
Jessy Jean Bart
Max Guisse
Jérémy Paré
Morgan DT
Ariel Carbone
JS Lapierre
Ced Vigneault
Alex Morin

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