Dunbat Has A New Queen

Rain or shine we packed a van full of Ottawa chicks to embark on the 2019 Annual Ladies Dunbat Classic held by Wordzine!

We were all stoked to arrive and be welcomed by some new and familiar faces. We started off by chugging a few beers and then straight into a game of skate! I got my ass beat but watching all the ladies was well worth the L!

Next was a rail jam and damn did a chick named Madison ever eat shit, she also made that rail her bitch! It was followed up by a kicker to ledge sesh, which turned into the longest Ollie. 12 boards were cleared! Amongst the hangs and consumption of beer and asphalt the ladies we met were amazing! Vibes were vibrating, lots of love and obviously prizes but the real prize was skating with some newly found homies. To end the event there was a Queen of Dunbat comp. Gladiator style.

Everyone was beaten by a badass 9 year old who now holds the title, little Fay Ebert! Seriously she has a crown. But we will be back to dethrone her for Ottawa! But damn she’ll still probably kick our asses!

-by Megan Dowe

-Photos by Dan Mathieu


Thanks to Wordzine, Kush Diet, The Real Farmacy, Vans Canada, Grand Trading, Super Duper Skateboards, Latchkey Skateboards, Girls Skate 613.