Jackson Toone is a 16 year old photographer from Winnipeg and he is the man behind Don’t Waste Time ‘zine.

Their latest issue has 3 sections; street and park skating as well as an urban photo section. Looking at this zine I have flashbacks of myself when I started shooting photos with my friends, figuring out angles and timing, learning about lighting and growing as a photographer as my friends became amazing skateboarders.

Below is some of my favourite photos from Don’t Waste Time Issue 3, if you want to get your hands on a copy, send a DM to @dontwastetime.zine

This photos of Erik Penton is the first photo that caught my attention. Back in 1998 I shot the exact same photo with Eric Mercier doing a backside 50-50 on that infamous Winnipeg rail. Some things in skateboarding don’t change.
Here is the colour version of Fane Smeall’s back tail shuv
Another one from Erik Penton, treflip.